Little Chute Holiday Invite

Save the Date 2/27/21

Extended date to accommodate for COVID precautions. 

2019 Awards

Session 1 Awards

Session 2 Awards

Session 3 Awards

Auditorium Awards (coming soon)

Little Chute High School
Varsity, JV, Middle School, Elementary, All Star
Pom, Kick, Hip Hop, Jazz
Solos, Duets, and Small Groups


POSSIBLE Schedule of the day:

AM: High School Solos, Duets, and Small Groups.

AM: Elementary, Middle, Pee Wee, Junior Team Competition
PM: Elementary, Middle, Pee Wee, Junior Solos, Duets, and small groups
PM1: D3,D4,D4 POM and D2 & D3 Open

PM2: D1 and D2 Pom, D1 Open, JV and Senior Teams

Registered Teams 2019 - Updated 11/16 Registration CLosed

** Line ups are constructed based on entry date. Time conflicts between multiple routines will adjust this slightly especially in the AM session. 

** We are limiting our registration to the number of classrooms we have available per LCHS administration.  Once we fill all classrooms we will have to turn away teams. 

** Registration and classroom reservation is only final after payment is received. If you are at the end of registration and do not pay your classroom could be given to another team. 


  1. Little Chute Varsity (D4 Pom, D2 Kick, D2 Jazz)

  2. Little Chute Middle (Middle Pom, Middle Kick, Middle Jazz)

  3. Little Chute Elementary (Elementary Pom)

  4. Ashwaubenon Varsity (D2 Pom, D2 Hip Hop

  5. De Pere Varsity (D1 Pom, D1 Kick, D1 Jazz)

  6. New London Varsity (D3 Pom, D2 Hip Hop

  7. Green Bay Preble Varsity (D1 Pom, D1 Kick)

  8. Pulaski Varsity (D2 Pom, D1 Kick, D1 Jazz)

  9. Franklin Varsity (D1 Pom, D1 Kick, D1 Jazz, D1 Hip Hop)

  10. Oshkosh West Varsity(D1 Pom, D1 Kick)

  11. West Bend East Varsity(D2 Pom, D2 Kick, D2 Jazz)

  12. Kimberly Varsity (D1 Pom, D1 Hip Hop)

  13. Kaukauna Varsity (D2 Pom, D1 Kick, D1 Jazz)

  14. Freedom Elementary (Elementary Pom)

  15. Hortonville Varsity (D2 Pom, D1 Kick, D1 Jazz)

  16. DC Everest Varsity (D1 Pom, D1 Kick, D1 Jazz)

  17. Green Bay Southwest (D2 Pom)

  18. West DePere (D2 Pom, D2 Kick)

  19. Sussex Hamilton (D1 Pom, D1 Jazz)

  20. Kaukauna Junior (Elementary Pom)

  21. Seymour (D3 Pom, D2 Jazz)

  22. Waterford (D2 Pom, D2 Jazz)

  23. Everest Youth (Middle Pom, Middle Jazz)

  24. St. Mary’s Springs (D5 Pom)

  25. Plymouth (D3 Pom, D2 Hip Hop)

  26. Catholic Memorial (D3 Pom, D2 Kick)

  27. Encore Dance Academy Mini Pom

  28. Encore Dance Academy Youth Hip Hop (2), Youth Jazz (2)

  29. Encore Dance Academy Junior Pom, Jazz, Hip Hop

  30. Encore Dance Academy Senior Pom, Kick, Jazz, Hip Hop

  31. Sheboygan Falls (D4 Pom, D3 Hip Hop)

  32. Hudson (D1 Pom, D1 Kick, D1 Jazz, D1 Hip Hop)

  33. Hudson JV (JV Pom, JV Kick, JV Jazz, JV Hip Hop)

  34. Wrightstown (D4 Pom, D3 Jazz)

  35. Luxemburg Casco (D3 Pom, D2 Kick, D2 Hip Hop)

  36. Kiel (D4 Pom, D3 Kick)

  37. Power of Dance Tiny Jazz

  38. Power of Dance Mini Jazz, Mini Hip Hop

  39. Power of Dance Youth Pom, Youth Hip Hop

  40. Power of Dance Junior Jazz

  41. Power of Dance Senior Pom, Senior Hip Hop

  42. Rhinelander (D3 Pom, D2 Hip Hop)

  43. Chilton (D4 Pom, D3 Jazz, D3 Kick)

  44. Waupaca (D3 Pom, D2 Jazz, D2 Hip Hop)

  45. Waupaca Middle (Middle Pom, Middle Hip Hop)

  46. Danz Kraze Silver (Mini Pom, Mini Jazz)

  47. Danz Kraze Platinum (Youth Pom, Youth Jazz, Youth Kick)

  48. Danz Kraze Diamond (Junior Pom, Junior Jazz, Junior Kick)

  49. Mosinee (D3 Pom, D2 Kick)

  50. Bay Port (D1 Pom, D1 Kick, D1 Jazz)

  51. Notre Dame (D3 Pom, D2 Jazz)

  52. West Bend Rec. (Pee Wee Pom, Pee Wee Jazz)

  53. West Bend Rec. (Mini Pom, Mini Jazz, Mini Hip Hop)

  54. West Bend Rec. (Middle Pom, Middle Kick, Middle Jazz, Middle Hip Hop)

  55. PJ Jacobs (Middle Pom, Middle Jazz, Middle Hip Hop)

  56. Ashwaubenon (Middle Pom, Middle Kick)

  57. Kaukauna (Middle Pom, Middle Kick, Middle Hip Hop)

  58. Freedom (Middle Pom, Middle Jazz)

  59. Sheboygan North (D1 Hip Hop)

  60. Amherst (D5 Pom)

  61. Wrightstown (Middle Pom)

  62. Gold Attitude (Junior Pom, Junior Jazz, Junior Hip Hop)

  63. Eau Claire North Varsity (D1 Pom, D1 Kick, D1 Jazz, D1 Hip Hop)

  64. Eau Claire North JV (JV Pom, JV Jazz)



D1 Pom

  1. De Pere

  2. Green Bay Preble

  3. Franklin

  4. Oshkosh West

  5. Kimberly

  6. DC Everest

  7. Sussex Hamilton

  8. Hudson

  9. Bay Port

  10. Eau Claire North


D2 Pom

  1. Ashwaubenon

  2. Pulaski

  3. West Bend East

  4. Kaukauna

  5. Hortonville

  6. Green Bay Southwest

  7. West DePere

  8. Waterford


D3 Pom

  1. New London 

  2. Seymour

  3. Plymouth

  4. Catholic Memorial

  5. Luxemburg Casco

  6. Rhinelander

  7. Waupaca

  8. Mosinee

  9. Notre Dame


D4 Pom

  1. Little Chute

  2. Sheboygan Falls

  3. Wrightstown

  4. Kiel

  5. Chilton

D5 Pom

  1. St. Mary’s Springs

  2. Amherst


D1 Kick

  1. De Pere

  2. Green Bay Preble

  3. Pulaski

  4. Franklin

  5. Oshkosh West

  6. Kaukauna

  7. Hortonville

  8. DC Everest

  9. Hudson

  10. Bay Port

  11. Eau Claire North


D2 Kick

  1. Little Chute

  2. West Bend East

  3. West DePere

  4. Catholic Memorial

  5. Luxemburg Casco

  6. Mosinee 


D3 Kick

  1. Kiel

  2. Chilton


D1 Jazz

  1. DePere

  2. Pulaski

  3. Franklin

  4. Kaukauna

  5. Hortonville

  6. DC Everest

  7. Sussex Hamilton

  8. Hudson

  9. Bay Port

  10. Eau Claire North


 D2 Jazz

  1. Little Chute

  2. West Bend East

  3. Seymour

  4. Waterford

  5. Waupaca

  6. Notre Dame


D3 Jazz

  1. Wrightstown

  2. Chilton


D1 Hip Hop

  1. Franklin

  2. Kimberly

  3. Hudson

  4. Sheboygan North

  5. Eau Claire North


D2 Hip Hop

  1. Ashwaubenon

  2. New London

  3. Plymouth

  4. Luxemburg Casco

  5. Rhinelander

  6. Waupaca


D3 Hip Hop

1. Sheboygan Falls


JV Pom

  1. Hudson

  2. Eau Claire North


JV Kick

  1. Hudson


JV Jazz

  1. Hudson

  2. Eau Claire North


JV Hip Hop

1. Hudson


Middle Pom

  1. Little Chute

  2. Everest Youth

  3. Waupaca

  4. West Bend

  5. PJ Jacobs

  6. Ashwaubenon

  7. Kaukauna

  8. Freedom

  9. Wrightstown


Middle Kick

  1. Little Chute

  2. West Bend

  3. Ashwaubenon

  4. Kaukauna


Middle Jazz

  1. Little Chute

  2. Everest Youth

  3. West Bend

  4. PJ Jacobs

  5. Freedom


Middle Hip Hop

  1. Waupaca

  2. West Bend

  3. PJ Jacobs

  4. Kaukauna


Elementary Pom

  1. Little Chute Elementary

  2. Freedom Elementary

  3. Kaukauna Junior


Senior Pom

  1. Encore Dance Academy

  2. Power of Dance


Senior Kick

1. Encore Dance Academy


Senior Jazz

1. Encore Dance Academy


Senior Hip Hop

  1. Encore Dance Academy

  2. Power of Dance


Junior Pom

  1. Encore Dance Academy

  2. Danz Kraze Diamond

  3. Gold Attitude


Junior Kick

  1. Danz Kraze Diamond


Junior Jazz

  1. Encore Dance Academy

  2. Power of Dance

  3. Danz Kraze Diamond

  4. Gold Attitude


Junior Hip Hop

  1. Encore Dance Academy

  2. Gold Attitude


Youth Pom

  1. Power of Dance

  2. Danz Kraze Platinum


Youth Kick

1. Danz Kraze Platinum


Youth Jazz

  1. Encore Dance Academy Small

  2. Encore Dance Academy Large

  3. Danz Kraze Platinum


Youth Hip Hop

  1. Encore Dance Academy Small

  2. Encore Dance Academy Large

  3. Power of Dance


Mini Pom

  1. Encore Dance Academy

  2. Danz Kraze Silver

  3. West Bend


Mini Jazz

  1. Power of Dance

  2. Danz Kraze Silver

  3. West Bend


Mini Hip Hop

  1. Power of Dance

  2. West Bend


Tiny Pom

1. West Bend


Tiny Jazz

1. Power of Dance


Tiny Hip Hop

  1. West Bend


Pee Wee Pom

  1. West Bend


Pee Wee Jazz

1. West Bend

Solos, Duets & Small Groups


PeeWee Solos

Raina Reisdorf—West Bend Rec.

Penelope Cox—West Bend Rec.

Tegan Miller—West Bend Rec.

Maisie Nienow-- West Bend Rec.

Haddie Wilichowski-- West Bend Rec.


Elementary/Youth Solos

Kaylee Akey—Encore Dance Academy

Ari Bauer—Danz Kraze

Brooke Boisvert-- West Bend Rec.

Ella Meyer-- West Bend Rec.

Kenley Yapp-- West Bend Rec.

Octavia Kunze—Power of Dance

Stella Skolaski—Power of Dance


Middle/Junior Solos—6th

Violet Abt—Everest Youth

Carly Poggemann—Encore Dance Academy

Jayla Johnston—Danz Kraze

Zoe Geissler—Danz Kraze

Payton Tompkins—Danz Kraze

Paisley Berg—Danz Kraze

Skylar Anderson—Danz Kraze

Lily Guiljhaus—Danz Kraze

Emarie Burnett—Danz Kraze

Reesse Barby-- West Bend Rec.

Haileigh Weiderhold-- West Bend Rec.

Lauren Wijas—Power of Dance

Inara Petty—Power of Dance


Middle/Junior Solos—7th

Marissa Suring—Encore Dance Academy

Dezi Bauer—Danz Kraze

Kianna Schubert—Danz Kraze

Aubrey Beck—Danz Kraze

Kenadee Kein—Danz Kraze

Lydia Haines—Danz Kraze

Cheyanna Griswold-- West Bend Rec.

Bella Phillips—Power of Dance

Ava Mattson—Power of Dance

Kenzington Gillis—Power of Dance


Middle/Junior Solos—8th

Claire Johnson—Everest Youth

Nya Calhoun—Everest Youth

Ella Peterson—Danz Kraze

Lyvia Lubs—Danz Kraze

Dakota Erickson—West Bend Rec.

Elena Lohr-Kougl-- West Bend Rec.

Kaitlin McFarland-- West Bend Rec.

Tia Padhett—Power of Dance

Sylvia Brickner—Power of Dance

Madilyn Benson Smith—Little Chute


Mini Duets

Ashlin Reisdorf & Scotland Cruver-- West Bend Rec.

Evalyn Dourn & Kennedy Mayer-- West Bend Rec.

Ainsley Holtzer & Grace Petzold-- West Bend Rec.


Elementary/Youth Duet

Paige Nory & Alyssa Rovano—Encore Dance Academy

McKenna Davidson & Allison Kuechler-- West Bend Rec.

Amelia Demlow & Faith VanBeek--West Bend Rec.

Claire Lannoye & Addison Severance—Power of Dance

Elise Beadle & Ahsoka Jacob—Power of Dance

Kaida Kadletz & Addison Vanden Plas—Power of Dance


Elementary/Youth Small Group

Hailey, Sophia & Addison—Danz Kraze

Lily Chevalier, Nadia Mattson & Laney Rosina—Power of Dance


Middle/Junior Duet 

Claire Johnson & Nya Calhoun—Everest Youth

Elaina Kamke & Kailee Casperson—Everest Youth

Kaylynn Gernand & Madalyn Bales—Everest Youth

Kelsey Meverden & Kierra Schmidt—Everest Youth

Violet Abt & Reese Vgoretz—Everest Youth

Kianna & Kendall—Danz Kraze

Zoe & Olivia—Danz Kraze

Addison Deppe & Inara Petty—Power of Dance

Adele Ogden & Olivia Miller—Little Chute

Amelia Eiting & Danica Pfrang—Little Chute


Middle/Junior Small Group

Ayla, Jayla & Zoie—Danz Kraze

Emarie, Paisley & Lydia—Danz Kraze

Dezi, Ari & Keisha—Danz Kraze

Ella Beadle, Brynn Gillespie, Emiy Morgan & Taylor Rosina—Power of Dance


High School Solos

9th Grade

Ennah Tessmer—Pulaski

Mackenzie Spect—Pulaski

Kassidy Vanderupt—Pulaski

Mariah Kildahl—PJ Jacobs

Nadia Lind—PJ Jacobs

Nicholas Powers—Power of Dance

Baylee Hyska—Power of Dance

Chelsea Ehrhardt—Power of Dance

Kira Anderson—Power of Dance

Brynn Morrill—Little Chute


10th Grade

Anah Hansen—Green Bay Preble

Kanissa Lambea—Pulaski

Dayton Hock—Pulaski

Abby Frederick—West Bend East

Anna Wilcox—Kimberly

Olivia Lemmers—Hortonville

Emily Rank—Hortonville

Anna Nimmer—West De Pere

Fiona Green—West De Pere

Lacey Kling—Sussex Hamilton

McKenna Hedtke—Encore Dance Academy

Sofie Schumerth—Encore Dance Academy

Adriana Lauhnn—Encore Dance Academy

Grace Nimmer—Notre Dame

Thirzah Koetz—Power of Dance

Madelyn Wathke—Power of Dance

Julia Sheahan—Power of Dance

Kennedy Nolle—Power of Dance

Sophia DeCaster—Power of Dance

Madylin Butler—Power of Dance


11th Grade

Hannah Willinski—Pulaski

Hailey Monroe—Pulaski

Tessa Zerillo—West Bend East

Genevieve Frounfelker—West Bend East

Elise Ramsey—Hortonville

Kayla Hecker—West De Pere

Marisa McLaughlin—West De Pere

Belle Rummel—Sussex Hamilton

Payton Daub—Seymour

Lydia W.—Kiel

Emma O. Kiel

Anna Zimmermann—Notre Dame

Alexa Vande Caput—Notre Dame

Meagan Ehlke—Bay Port

Ella Kadetz—Power of Dance

Claire Vanden Heuvel—Power of Dance

Brianna Ruby—Power of Dance

Jaden Powers—Power of Dance


12th Grade

Ariana Wynn—Ashwaubenon

Amber Polomis—Ashwaubenon

Jenalee Johnson—Ashwaubenon

Michaela Eberhardt—Green Bay Preble

Lydia Brosig—Green Bay Preble

Lauren Wondrasch—Green Bay Preble

Mandy Bieda—Green Bay Preble

Brooklyn Bishop—Pulaski

Brianna Vitkus—West Bend East

Fayth Rudolph—Kimberly

Abby Servin—Hortonville

Hannah Ramshak—Hortonville

Hannah Neuville—West De Pere

Ally Hencke—West De Pere

Olivia Kratzke—West De Pere

Sam Micke—West De Pere

Emily Karter—West De Pere

Isabella Den Hond—Sussex Hamilton

Sydney Lex—Sussex Hamilton

Danielle King—Seymour

Cora Vukosich—Encore Dance Academy

Alivia Tennant—Hudson

Anna Nelson—Hudson

Paige B.—Kiel

Willow Geiser—Chilton

Samantha Wech—Chilton

Eden Burnett—Danz Kraze

Kate Crane—Notre Dame

Yana Williams—Notre Dame

Mackensi Bjorklund—Bay Port

Sophia Schultz—Bay Port

Allison Larsen—Power of Dance

Jordan Mars—Little Chute

Kenzie Van De Leygraaf—Little Chute


High School Duets

Ally Treichel & Maddy Vlies —Green Bay Preble

Michaela Eberhardt & McKenna Dougherty—Green Bay Preble

Caroline Lawler & Madyson Heid—Green Bay Preble

Brooklyn Bishop & Emily Faucett—Pulaski

Dayton Hock & Karissa—Pulaski

Shyanne Froy & Mackenzie Specht—Pulaski

Hailey Monroe & Karissa Wynbert—Pulaski

Brooklyn & Ennah--Pulaski

Morgan Lichtensteiger & Maddie Bagley—West Bend East

Brianna Vitkus & Mikayla Craighead—West Bend East

Sierra Erickson & Tessa Zerillo—West Bend East

Brooke O’Connor & Abby Servin—Hortonville

Belle Rummel & Emily Brochhausen—Sussex Hamilton

Danielle King & Payton Daub—Seymour

Hailey Young & Ashlyn Caliaro—Seymour

Carlie Closse & Chloe Close—Seymour

Hope Werra & Alyssa Hoffman—Catholic Memorial

McKenna Hedtrke & Adriana Laughrin—Encore Dance Academy

Delaney Levine & Jenna Spakowicz—Encore Dance Academy

Ella Blomker & Alivia Tennant—Hudson

Kassie Ehrman & Elle Fallon—Hudson

Kassie Ehrman & Elle Fallon—Hudson

Brooke Jackson & Lexie Sherman—Hudson

Sophi Johnson & Hailey Plourde—Hudson

Lauren Schmidt & Avery Solheid—Hudson

Kassie Ehrman & Kylie Schmidt—Hudson

Gabby Maack & Jordan Thill—Hudson

Kyrsten N. & Ellen K.—Kiel

Taylor & Hannah—Kiel

Jade Kimbro & Scarlett Kimbro—Chilton

Olivia Lisowe & Katie Koehler—Chilton

Eden & Emarie—Danz Kraze

Eden & Sam—Danz Kraze

Katie Crane & Bridget Kapic—Notre Dame

Kennedy Nolle & Jaden Powers—Power of Dance


High School Small Group

Sarah Schmidt Kyra Price & Grace Formolo—West Bend East

Elite Hip Hop Group—West Bend East

Evy Molle, Lillian Breedlou & Carleigh Leisgang--Seymour

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