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DECEMBER 11, 2021!

December 2021 Registration Packet

December 2021 Registered Teams

D1 Pom

D2 Pom

D3 Pom

D4 Pom

D5 Pom

1. Little Chute

D6 Pom

JV Pom

Senior Pom

D1 Jazz

D2 Jazz

D3 Jazz

1. Little Chute

JV Jazz

Senior Jazz

D1 Kick

D2 Kick

D3 Kick

1. Little Chute

JV Kick

Senior Kick

D1 Hip Hop

D2 Hip Hop

D3 Hip Hop

JV Hip Hop

Senior Hip Hop

EL Pom

MS Pom

1. Little Chute

Mini Pom

Tiny Pom

Youth Pom

Junior Pom

Open Pom

EL Jazz

MS Jazz

1. Little Chute

Mini Jazz

Tiny Jazz

Youth Jazz

Junior Jazz

Open Jazz

EL Kick

MS Kick

1. Little Chute

Mini Kick

Tiny Kick

Youth Kick

Junior Kick

Open Kick

EL Hip Hop

MS Hip Hop

Mini Hip Hop

Tiny Hip Hop

Youth Hip Hop

Junior Hip Hop

Open Hip Hop

High School Solos

High School Duet/Trio

High School Small Group

Pee Wee Solos

Pee Wee Duet/Trio

Pee Wee Small Group

Elementary Solos

Elementary Duet/Trio

Elementary Small Group

Middle School Solos

Middle School Duet/Trio

Middle School Small Groups





Registered Teams 2020 - Registration closed and final

** Line ups are constructed based on enrollments and some distance restrictions. 

** We are limiting our registration to the number of socially distance spaces we have available per LCHS administration.  Once we fill all spaces we will have to turn away teams. 

** Registration and classroom reservation is only final after payment is received. If you are at the end of registration and do not pay your space could be given to another team. 

Final Scores

2021 Line up

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Coaches Letter

Live Stream Link for performances AND awards:



  1. Little Chute Varsity (D4 Pom, D2 Kick)

  2. Pulaski (D1 Kick, D1 Hip Hop)

  3. Franklin (D1 Pom, D1 Jazz)

  4. Germantown (D1 Pom, D1 Jazz)

  5. Laconia (D5 Pom, D3 Kick)

  6. Stoughton (D2 Jazz)

  7. Union Grove (D2 Pom)

  8. Notre Dame (D3 Pom, D2 Jazz)

  9. Mosinee (D3 Pom, D2 Hip Hop)

  10. New London (D2 Pom, D2 Hip Hop)

  11. Watertown (D1 Hip Hop, D1 Kick)

  12. West Bend East (D2 Pom, D2 Kick)

  13. Ashwaubenon (D2 Pom, D2 Kick)

  14. Oshkosh North (D1 Hip Hop)

  15. Sussex Hamilton (D1 Jazz, D1 Hip Hop)

  16. New Berlin West (D3 Pom, D2 Hip Hop)

  17. Freedom (D3 Pom, D2 Kick)

  18. Hortonville (D2 Pom, D1 Kick)

  19. Menomonee Falls (D2 Pom, D1 Jazz)

  20. Lake Country Lutheran (D4 Pom, D3 Kick)

  21. St. Francis (D4 Pom, D2 Hip Hop)

  22. Kimberly (solos only)

  23. Wrightstown (D4 Pom, D3 Jazz)

  24. West De Pere (D2 Pom, D2 Kick)

  25. Post Washington (D3 Pom, D2 Jazz)

  26. Oshkosh West (D1 Pom, D1 Kick)

  27. Seymour (D3 Pom, D2 Jazz)

  28. Bay Port (D1 Pom, D1 Kick)

  29. Catholic Memorial (D3 Pom, D2 Hip Hop)

  30. Kiel (D3 Kick, D3 Jazz)

  31. Kaukauna (D2 Pom, D1 Jazz)

  32. Wauwatosa West (D1 Hip Hop, D2 Pom)

  33. Whitnall (D3 Pom, D2 Hip Hop)

  34. Sheboygan North (D1 Hip Hop)

  35. Eau Claire North (D1 Pom, D1 Jazz)

  36. Waupun (D4 Pom, D2 Hip Hop)

  37. Dodgeland (D5 Pom, D3 Jazz)

  38. Amherst (D5 Pom, D3 Hip Hop)

  39. Hudson (D1 Jazz, D1 Kick)

  40. Manitowoc Lincoln (D1 Pom)

  41. Fox Valley Lutheran 

  42. Luxemburg Casco (D3 Pom)



D1 Pom

  1. Franklin

  2. Germantown

  3. Oshkosh West

  4. Bay Port

  5. Eau Claire North

  6. Manitowoc Lincoln


D2 Pom

  1. Union Grove

  2. West Bend East

  3. Ashwaubenon

  4. Hortonville

  5. Menomonee Falls

  6. West De Pere

  7. Kaukauna

  8. Wauwatosa West

D3 Pom

  1.  Notre Dame Academy

  2. Mosinee

  3. New London

  4. New Berlin West

  5. Freedom

  6. Port Washington

  7. Seymour

  8. Catholic Memorial

  9. Witnall

  10. Luxemburg Casco


D4 Pom

  1. Little Chute

  2. Lake Country Lutheran

  3. St. Francis

  4. Wrightstown

  5. Waupun

D5 Pom

  1. Laconia

  2. Dodgeland

  3. Amherst


D1 Kick

  1. Pulaski

  2. Watertown

  3. Oshkosh West

  4. Bay Port

  5. Hortonville

  6. Kaukauna

  7. Hudson


D2 Kick

  1. Little Chute

  2. West Bend East

  3. Ashwaubenon

  4. West De Pere

  5. Freedom


D3 Kick

  1. Kiel

  2. Lake Country Lutheran

  3. Laconia


D1 Jazz

  1. Sussex Hamilton

  2. Franklin

  3. Germantown

  4. Monomonee Falls

  5. Eau Claire North

  6. Hudson


 D2 Jazz

  1. Stoughton

  2. Notre Dame

  3. Port Washington

  4. Seymour


D3 Jazz

  1. Wrightstown

  2. Kiel

  3. Dodgeland


D1 Hip Hop

  1. Sussex Hamilton

  2. Pulaski

  3. Watertown

  4. Oshkosh North

  5. Wauwatosa West

  6. Sheboygan North


D2 Hip Hop

  1. Mosinee

  2. New London

  3. Catholic Memorial

  4. Whitnall

  5. St Francis

  6. New Berlin West

  7. Waupun


D3 Hip Hop

1. Amherst


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