WELCOME to the home of the Little Chute Dance Team!

2019 D4 Pom State Champions!!


The award winning Little Chute Dance Team holds 14 State Champion Titles, as well as 8 National Titles. The 2019-2020 team is comprised of 30 dancers, who share the same passion to maintain the level of success achieved over the past decade, as well as to drive school spirit at Little Chute High School.  We love that we are able to represent the Little Chute community with pride, and perform for thousands of people throughout each dance season.


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Little Chute Dance State Titles
2005 - D3 Pom

2011 - D4 Pom

2011 - D2 Kick

2012 - D4 Pom

2013 - D4 Pom

2014 - D4 Pom

2014 - D2 Kick

2015 - D2 Kick

2016 D4 Pom

2017 - D4 Pom

2017 - D2 Kick

2018 - D4 Pom

2018 - D2 Kick

2019 - D4 Pom

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