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 2008-2009 Results

Green Bay Holiday Dance Classic 
Varsity: D2 Pom - 3rd, Kick - 4th
JV: Pom - 1st 


Raider Classic
Varsity: D3 Pom - 2nd
JV: Pom - 2nd


Little Chute Invite
Varsity: D2 Pom - 2nd, Kick - 1st, Jazz - 4th
JV: Pom - 1st, Jazz - 1st


Freedom Invite
Varsity: D3 Pom - 1st, D2 Kick - 1st, D2 Jazz - 4th
JV: Pom - 2nd, Jazz - 1st


Kaukauna Classic
Varsity: D3 Pom - 3rd, D2 Kick - 3rd, D2 Jazz - 3rd


JV: Pom: 1st - STATE CHAMPIONS, Jazz - 3rd


Varsity: D3 Pom - 3rd, D2 Kick - 2nd


Varsity: D3 Pom- 2nd, D2 Kick - 3rd

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